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                詳細信息 :




                Instructions for Disposable Medical Mask (non sterile)

                [Product name] Disposable Medical Mask

                [Model and specification] The mask is Ear loop type. Model is 17.5cm×9.5cm , and it has three layers.

                [Structure and Composition] The product is composed of mask body, nose clip and mask belt. The mask body is made up from a layer of filter paper (such as polypropylene melt blown cloth, etc.) between  two layers of non woven fabrics as the main raw material.

                [Product Performance] the product is provided in non sterile, and the product performance meets the requirements of disposable medical mask (EN 14683:2019 Type IIR).

                [Indications] It covers the user's mouth, nose and mandible, and is worn in the general medical environment (non-invasive medical operation) to provide a  physical barrier to prevent the direct penetration of pathogens and microorganisms.)

                [Use instructions] 

                1. Wash hands. Unpack and take out the mask and check whether it is in good condition.

                2. Open the small package of the product, Put the nose clip upward and the side with ear belt welding spot faces inward, and the other side is the reverse side, which should be outward). Open the ear belt of the mask with both hands, and hang the ear belt on both ears. Avoid hand contact with the inside of the mask, place the mask on the face and adjust it to the proper position.)

                3. Press the nose clip gently to make it fit the bridge of nose, and then press the nose clip to adjust the lower end of the mask to the jaw.

                4. Adjust the mask so that it completely covers the bridge of nose to the lower forehead to achieve the best effect.

                [Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings]

                1. Please select sterile or non sterile products according to your use requirements.

                2. This product is a disposable product. It is strictly prohibited to reuse it. After use, it shall be handled according to the requirements of the hospital and the environmental protection department.

                3. Please check whether the package is in good condition. Do not use it if the package or mask is damaged .Check the external packing mark, production date and validity period and be sure it is in the validity period.

                4. Use with caution in case of non-woven fabric allergy.

                5. Replace another one in case of obvious enhanitcement of respiratory resistance (in case of dyspnea), damage of respirator and pollution of respirator (in case of bloodstain, droplets and other foreign matters), .

                [Storage] Dry, ventilated, non corrosive gas .  Keep away from fire sources and combustibles

                [Transportation] Prevent under heavy pressure, direct sunlight and rain and snow.

                [Shelf life]12 months

                [Production date] see the Qualification Certificate in the package.

                [Interpretation of figures and symbols ]

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